Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pregnancy Journal: 34 Weeks

At this point in my last pregnancy I was 13 days away from my morning wake-up call of having my water break. That is so crazy to think of, but with the twins I was so uncomfortable for so long that it was a welcome early arrival. This time, I can honestly say that I'm just starting to feel uncomfortable. What a blessing! So, in summary - singleton pregnancies are BY FAR much easier than twin pregnancies. End of story. Steve can vouch for that as well, I am sure. * Biggest craving now - chocolate shakes and milk. Maybe that's a theme that I need more calcium...not sure. But, how many times in life can you have a milkshake multiple times in a week and not feel too guilty over it? Not many. * At my 34 week appointment today I officially weigh what I BEGAN my twin pregnancy at. It was my goal to end this pregnancy at this weight...but I'll take it. * Baby is measuring 1.5 weeks ahead of schedule...which is amazing considering 2 weeks ago he was 1 week behind. That's a pretty big growth spurt (says my doctor)! * With the recent warm weather has come a lot of swelling. Luckily I am also super thirsty, so the swelling goes down by morning each day. * I am starting to have trouble sleeping at night due to leg cramps - which is really inconvenient, but I've tried every theory of fixing things and it hasn't worked. So I'm stuck with it until the end I think. * We are still going to try for a VBAC - but after my appointment today it was decided that if I don't go into labor on my own by my due date (June 7th), then I will have a scheduled c-section that day. This was seriously hard news for me to swallow - visible by my crying hysterics at the doctors office...but apparently a VBAC from twins is a whole other ballgame when comparing a regular singleton VBAC. Complications are more common and present, which means induction with pitocin is out of the question...which would lead to a c-section. So, I am trusting my doctor (who really does know a lot about all of this), and starting to pray that I go into labor on my own. :-) PLEASE!!! * Clothes are washed (yet to be folded), and baby boys room is ready for his arrival (except for the name decal - which Steve says he won't put up until he sees the baby...apparently he's worried it could come out a girl instead of the planned boy). My rocker came last week...and I am seriously in LOVE! I have spent the last few days reading books in it while the twins nap. It's been heavenly! * The twins are getting really excited about baby boy coming! Either that or they are excited for me to be able to carry them to bed like I used to. So, here's to hoping I go into labor sometime in the end of May/first of June!! And here's to hoping I get a good night's sleep tonight. YAY!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pregnancy Journal: Week 30

I know that I am majorly back-tracking here. But for posterity's sake...I figured I should post my 30 week pregnancy picture despite the fact that I am 34 weeks at this point. So I'll skip all of the mumbo jumbo of what week 30 was like, and post about week 34 in the next day or two. YAY! If only pregnancy were like that - jump 4 weeks in a matter of days. That would be awesome!

The Sickies

Sadly, this picture pretty much represents my time from the last time I blogged until now. Yes, the last two months have been filled with croup (Andrew then Caroline), bladder infections (Caroline), coughs (all of us), congestion (again, all of us), strep, pneumonia, sinus infections, and ear infections (me, me, me, and me). The first illness lasted a good two weeks, and then it seems as though just when we would get would start all over again. Go to Costco - get sick. Go to church (nursery) - get sick. And I think what may be even more sad is that even as I write this the kids still have coughs that show up each night. It's been a rough go, but I'm trying to think positively about the whole scenario - we might as well get rid of all the germs before the baby comes so I'm not dealing with a sick baby too. Right? Either that or baby will jump right into the middle of our germies and spend lots of time with the humidifier. (Sigh)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Pregnancy Journal: Week 25

As promised, a new update on this crazy pregnancy. My belly has definitely hit a growth spurt, and I'm starting to remember why pregnancy may not be my favorite thing. Grateful for the baby at the end of the tunnel, but not a huge fan of the pregnancy part. :)

* Biggest craving now - PEANUT BUTTER!! Holy cow. I wake up in the morning wanting nothing but peanut butter. It's a breakfast, lunch, and snack time indulgence. Perhaps that's why I've gained so much weight the last two weeks. :) Oh well, there's gotta be a reason for it, right?
* Started swelling in my feet and ankles last week. I have now succumbed to getting off my feet each night when the twins go to bed. It's annoying to have swelling, but nice to have an excuse to put my feet up. There's not much of that when baby comes, so I might as well enjoy it now.
* Baby boy is measuring 1 week ahead of schedule. Not that that means anything at this point. Just to be noted.
* The twins have started giving me really weird looks about my growing belly - they've definitely noticed it's there.
* Andrew and Caroline both kiss and wave to the baby everyday - multiple times a day. "Hi baby." "I love you baby." They are starting to ask where baby brother is going to sleep, and what he's going to do. I figure these things are good. At least they aren't in denial...yet.
* The nursery painting is done. Now we just have to hang curtains, switch Andrew into his true "big boy bed" instead of his crib-toddler bed, set up the crib, bring the changing table up, and hang some cute prints I ordered.
* I picked out a rocker/recliner...finally. It literally took me a good 2-3 days going over EVERY fabric, company, chair, etc. I finally settled on a company called Little Castle, a SUPER comfy recliner/rocker/glider. I was sold when Steve sat in it and could actually lay his head back and be comfortable. A 6'4" guy can't often do that in a rocker made for a woman. Now we just have to wait 8-12 weeks for it to come in. Well worth it.
* After much discussion, and being on a waiting list with a urologist who specializes in pregnancy-related issues - we are trying to figure out some intense pain I've been having for the past month or so. Now, when I say intense I mean "it hurts so bad I can't move, breathe, stand, walk, eat, live" kind of pain. It comes on fast, and either lasts for a few days, or comes and goes throughout the day. It's on my right side/back under my ribs. At first Dr. T thought it was kidney stones I would pass soon - but after not passing anything we have been looking into other possibilities. Appendicitis, blocked ureter (caused by the baby), gallbladder, or a kidney infection (due to the blocked ureter). Hopefully after some ultrasounds and tests we can figure it out. We were hoping it would subside or go away, but sadly it's getting to be more and more frequent - which is cause for concern the further along I am. More to follow on that...
* We have settled on the full name. To be announced when baby is born. :) We always knew the first name, but one night while I was saying my (lonely) nightly prayers with Steve at class, it just came to me. I knew the middle name - and knew that's what he is supposed to be. It's funny how those things happen. With the twins we sort of struggled until they were born and then KNEW. But this time I've had strong impressions early on. So, we're going with it. Even Steve has approved...which says A LOT because he hates every name.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Happiest Little Valentine's

These two cuties have loved every minute of Valentine's Day this year! I'm pretty sure they have no idea that it has anything to do with love - but they do know it has to do with treats from Dad, a movie from Mom, cupcakes and treat baggies from the Grandma's, and a chocolate heart from nursery on Sunday. They have been high on sugar for a good three days, with more treats to eat still. This reminds me why I sort of dislike "treat holidays" - the treats seem to last forever...leaving every day a sugar day.

Our day started out with a spontaneous lunch date with Dad, which is rare because he has class on Tuesdays (read: we never see him on Tuesdays). It made my day! And theirs! What is it about Dad's that just make everything better? They just can't get enough of him.

In other news: Andrew is potty trained. YAY!! Caroline is happy to be wearing diapers still. Boo. And my belly is expanding quickly - which means I need to do another pregnancy journal...coming soon.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Pregnancy Journal: Week 21

Here I am at week 21 of this pregnancy. Now, before I go any further...let me clarify that a) I HATE taking pictures of myself, and b) I especially HATE taking pregnant pictures of myself. Except for the fact that I have now LOVED looking back on the pictures I took of myself while pregnant with the twins. Especially now, it's been super fun to compare and contrast - and let me tell you there is QUITE the contrast. My belly this week is about the size I was at 14-15 weeks with the twins. So, it's kind of like having a first pregnancy all over again...except I don't freak out about every little pain and discomfort. Kind of nice.

Now, I have seen pregnancy journals on others blogs, and every time I see them I enjoy reading them. But most of all, I think they are fun to look back on and remember the silly things that make up a pregnancy (that nobody else really cares about but yourself).

* My biggest craving is apples with nutella. Lots of nutella. This is especially funny because I'm not a huge fan of apples, but now LOVE them, and I hated nutella before, but now can't get enough of it. That's how I know it's a true pregnancy craving.
* My nausea has decreased a lot over the past week. I feel great in the mornings and afternoons, but still have the dreaded night sickness...which is sort of awful - but that's where apples and nutella come into play.
* Baby boy moves ALL night long. From 10pm-2am he's doing something crazy, and then I usually wake up again from 4-6am with the same somersault party. Hopefully his schedule gets on track before he makes his debut.
* We decided on a color for the new nursery - "Bippity Boppity blue" by Behr. I am in love with it, and it goes great with our PB Madras drapes. And works perfectly so we can use Andrew's old bedding with ease.
* This week I've started having a bit of anxiety over balancing three kids. I never did before, but I'm sure it's pregnancy hormone related. I just keep reminding myself of what my Mom always used to say to me - "just take it one day at a time." That will definitely come into play I'm sure.
* We have decided on a first name, but are still tossing around middle names. I've loved the name for years, and we both love how it fits in with our other kids. Once we have the middle name, we will probably share.
* I'm starting to get the question from others "are you pregnant?" so hopefully that means I've left the "I look like I ate too many cheeseburgers" stage and am now entering the pregnant stage.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Backson

Who's afraid of the Backson?

Winnie the Pooh is (nearly) a daily favorite in our home right now - especially on the part of Andrew. It's quite funny really, because when I splurged on this DVD for Christmas I sort of dreaded the fact that the kids would hate it. But no...
This tends to be the "mode" Andrew goes in every time we turn that movie on. The nice part about it is that it's short, sweet, and has plenty of music, so I tend to like it too.

The very best part of the movie however is this:
The Backson, as they call it in the movie. Rewind to two months ago when we were having trouble with the kids staying in bed at night. They would jump from bed to bed, peak out the window, nearly tear down the drapes, scale the dresser - the usual kid mumbo jumbo. Suddenly the kids feared the Backson more than any other living (or non-living) thing. So, one night as we were giving goodnight kisses and hugs, we gave the usual "stay in bed, be quiet" talk. Except Andrew interjected "if you don't, the Backson will get you." To which Steve and I quickly agreed, "yes, the Backson would indeed come and get you." It was the first night they stayed in those little beds in over three months. And it still continues to this day - every nap time and bed time the kids recite their theories on how the Backson will get them.

And every night Steve and I agree that "yes, the Backson WILL get you." Are we bad parents?

Steve told me tonight that our kids are going to hate us when they find that the Backson isn't real. Hmmm...they'll get over it.