Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! I think this is tied for first as one of my favorite holidays. I love Christmas, but Thanksgiving is so nice because it's all about being grateful. No need for presents, no shopping, just being with family and the ones you love. Since it is Thanksgiving I thought it would be fun to share some things I'm thankful for. And since Thanksgiving is on the 22nd, twenty-two things sounds nice. Here it goes (in no particular order):
1) Steve - That's probably all I need to say, and most who frequent my blog know how great he is. But, really he is the best husband a girl could ask for. All you other ladies out there really missed out. He is my best friend. We have so much fun together, and he loves me unconditionally.
2) My Heavenly Father - I'm thankful that I am a daughter of God, and that he loves me. And isn't it cool that we get to talk to him anytime we want? Pretty great.
3) The gospel - I honestly don't know how people live without it. There is so much comfort and knowledge that comes with learning the gospel. It has truly molded me into the person I am.
4) My Mom - Need I say more? She's amazing. I hope that one day I can be as great as she is. I am so lucky that I got THE best Mom for 22 years. She is the greatest example to me everyday. Most days I find myself thinking "what would my Mom say or do?" She taught us all so well!
5) My sisters - They give me so much strength and love. I don't know where I would be without them. They are some of the few people (besides Steve probably) that really get me. I love that we can laugh so hard together that we cry, and talk so openly with each other.
6) My brothers - It is so nice to know that I have great brothers who have made some pretty great decisions. They're awesome.
7) Nieces & Nephews - They are the cutest kids around. When I think about any one of my nieces or nephews I smile. They bring so much joy and happiness to our family, and I'm lucky I have them to teach me how to deal with kids. Being the youngest in the family you don't know how to change a diaper or do anything pertaining to kids...good thing I have them. My children will thank them I'm sure.
8) School - I never thought I would be thankful for school, but now I am. I feel so lucky that I was able to accomplish all that I did in school. Not just the academic lessons, but lifes lessons that come with going to school.
9) Work - Although I don't absolutely love my job right now, I'm grateful that I have one. There are so many people out there who don't.
10) Our house - It is one lucky girl who gets married to a man who wants nothing more than to buy a house. Even though it isn't a huge place, I love it! It is so nice to have a place to call "ours".
11) Food - I love food. I love to eat food. Chocolate, marshmallows, my Mom's famous roast beef, mashed potatoes, M&M's, name it and I'm pretty sure I'll like it. Maybe that's why I love Thanksgiving so much!
12) Friends - I have some wonderful friends who make really great decisions. Even though we had some wild times in high school, we all turned out pretty okay. I am lucky to have those friends to this day who love me.
13) The rain - I love the rain. I know some may think I'm crazy, but I love it!
14) Blankets - I also love blankets. Any store I walk into I check out their blankets to see if they are comfy. Needless to say, we have about 20 at our house. Technically I don't need about 18 of those, but oh well.
15) Technology - Obviously I love technology (Napoleon Dynamite song come to mind?), since I have a blog. It's great to be able to find out pretty much anything on the internet, talk to people pretty much anywhere in the world on the phone, and do math without thinking.:)
16) Books - I'm really pretty into reading lately. I like to escape my life sometimes, or learn something new.
17) Music - Obsessed. Most memories in my life include a song to go along with it. Perhaps a lifetime soundtrack is in the mix (Pedro's brilliant idea).
18) Cars - We started our marriage out with one car, and decided to buy our second after a year and a half. Now I really appreciate the convenience of having a car.
19) Primary - Serving in the primary for two years, and then going back to Relief Society, really showed me how much I loved it. And it's true, everything I needed to know about the gospel pretty much came from primary.
20) Relief Society - Yes it's quirky, and some of things that go on are hilarious (i.e. good news minute, sharing of recipes, enrichment ideas, sign-up sheets for everything under the sun), but I love it. Wish me luck on being a new Relief Society teacher. Yikes!
21) Examples - There are so many great examples that I am surrounded with everyday!
22) Thanksgiving - Even though I should really sit and think about all the things I'm grateful for more often, it's nice to have a holiday to remind me. Have a great Thanksgiving!!


Andrea said...

Nice post, Cath! It's good to be reminded of all the things we are thankful for. And it was a nice window into your life.

I had no idea you loved Zingers! I love them, too!! Alec buys them for me way too often. Have you tried them chilled from the fridge? That's my favorite.

Margaret said...

Love you! I'm grateful for you!! I hope you know that. You are a true blessing in my life. Thanks for inspiring, I need to make a list too! And Yay for the Zinger contraban.

Channa said...

Great post - I agree with you about Thanksgiving; it's all about being grateful for the things we have been given. Hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving.